This Aircraft Propeller Maintenance Logbook has been designed to keep all your Propeller maintenance records organized to comply with the FAA record keeping requirements of FAR 43 and FAR 91.417.With 100 numbered pages, this Logbook will provide plenty of space for recording all the maintenance activities performed by the Maintenance Professionals, FAA Certified Technicians and Repair Stations. Propeller Logbook Layout - Description: Page 1: Propeller Information page. Page 2: Propeller removal and installation history.           Pages 3 thru 100: The Main Logbook Section is reserved for recording and approving for return to service all the maintenance work performed on the Propeller: Inspections, Tests, Airworthiness Directives, Repairs, Alterations, Service Bulletins, Service Letters, etc.     Cover Features: Three boxes are provided on the book cover where information about the Propeller Make and Model, Hub Serial Number and logbook number may be entered for logbook identification. Other Features: Size: 8.25”x 6” (20.96 x 15.24 cm). Paperback Cover.