Hardcover Aircraft Logbook

This Aircraft Maintenance Logbook has been designed to keep all your aircraft maintenance records organized to comply with the FAA´s record keeping requirements of FAR 43 and 91.417.With 130 pages and 8 x 8 inches in size, this Aircraft Log book will provide plenty of space for recording all the maintenance activities performed by the Maintenance Professionals, FAA A&P Mechanics, Inspection Authorization (IA), Aircraft Maintenance Technicians, Repair Stations, etc. Aircraft Logbook Interior Layout:  Page 1: Aircraft Information Page. Page 2: Aircraft Maintenance Logbook Layout & Instructions. Pages 3 thru 110: The Main Logbook Section is reserved for recording and approving for   return to service all the maintenance work performed on the aircraft: Inspections, Tests,   Airworthiness Directives, Repairs, Component Replacements, Alterations, Service   Bulletins, Service Letters, etc. Pages 111 thru 116: Airworthiness Directives(AD´s) tracking Section. Pages 117 thru 120: Service Bulletin(SB)/Service Letter(SL) Tracking Section. Pages 121 thru 126: Avionics Section reserved for recording additional Avionics   maintenance: Altimeter and Transponder 24 months Check (FAR 91.411/91.413), ELT   Annual Check (FAR 91.207), etc. Pages 127 thru 130: Major Repair and Alterations recording section. Other Features: 130 pages. Size: 8.0"x 8.0"(20.32 x 20.32 cm). Hard Cover. High quality printing and binding.