This handbook is an exact page-by-page reproduction (printed and bound into one volume) of the latest edition of two large Advisory Circulars (ACs) written by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA):               AC 43.13-1B: "Acceptable Methods, Techniques, and Practices: Aircraft Inspection and Repair"   AC 43.13-2B: "Acceptable Methods, Techniques and Practices: Aircraft Alterations".
These FAA AC’s are an excellent source of Aircraft maintenance data for use by FAA A&P Mechanics, Repair Stations, Aviation Maintenance Technicians (AMTs), Inspection Authorization Mechanics (IA), Aircraft Homebuilders, etc.  It contains the standards for acceptable methods, techniques, and practices for the inspection, repair, and alteration of
non-pressurized areas of civil aircraft of 12,500 lbs. gross weight or less, and when there are no manufacturer repair or maintenance instructions.                             

  AC 43.13-1B Aircraft Inspection and Repair contains chapters dedicated to:                            Chapter 1: Wood Structure.  Chapter 2: Fabric Covering.  Chapter 3: Fiberglass and Plastics.  Chapter 4: Metal Structure, Welding, and Brazing.  Chapter 5: Nondestructive Inspection (NDI). Chapter 6: Corrosion, Inspection & Protection.  Chapter 7: Aircraft Hardware, Control Cables, and Turnbuckles.  Chapter 8: Engines, Fuel, Exhaust, and Propellers.  Chapter 9: Aircraft Systems and Components.  Chapter 10: Weight and Balance.  Chapter 11: Aircraft Electrical Systems.  Chapter 12: Aircraft Avionics Systems.  Chapter 13: Human Factors                               Appendix 1: Glossary,   Appendix 2: Acronyms and Abbreviations.  Appendix 3: Metric-Based Prefixes and Power of 10.                                                                      AC 43.13-2B Aircraft Alterations contains details and instructions for the installation of aircraft components and systems:                                                                                                            Chapter 1: Structural Data.  Chapter 2: Communication, Navigation, and Emergency Locator Transmitter Systems Installations.  Chapter 3: Antenna Installation.  Chapter 4: Anticollision and Supplementary Light Installation.  Chapter 5: Ski Installations.  Chapter 6: Oxygen System Installations in Nonpressurized Aircraft.  Chapter 7: Rotorcraft External-Load-Device.  Chapter 8: Glider and Banner Tow-Hitch Installations.  Chapter 9: Shoulder Harness Installations.  Chapter 10: Aircraft Battery Installations.  Chapter 11: Adding or Relocating Instruments.  Chapter 12: Cargo Tiedown Device Installations.                 

Handbook Features:                                                                                                              784 pages.  Size: US Letter 8.5 x 11 inches, (21.59 x 27.94 CM).                                                   High quality printing and binding.    Cover: Paperback, glossy.  Interactive Table of Contents (Ebook format only)

AC 43.13-1B / AC 43.13-2B